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Comat bases itself on its know-how and on the careful analysis of the clients and is able to:
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the customer in relation to standard technologies and oil SUPERFILTRATION SYSTEM for the mechanical machining

What is the superfiltration?

The application range of this technology is mainly dedicated to parts' surface finishing ...

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Case Study

In this section you can widen your knowledge concerning Comat superfiltration systems through two trial videos.

Application of Superfiltration systems on the machines for precise machining

application of Superfiltration systems on the machines for the machining in mechanical tourneys

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Our superfiltration systems spread all over the world.

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filtro con coadiuvante FILTER WITH FILTER AID

Superfiltration plants with filter aid (diatomaceous earth, vegetables, cellulose) surely offer the best ratio between quality and price in comparison with the other traditional filters (centrifuge, paper, etc.), surely not able to filter so accurately.


● roughness standardisation on machined parts, with a higher tolerance control;
● reduction in wear of grinding wheels, tools and in their resharpening;
● reduction in wear of working machines;
● reduction in oil consumption and in exhausted oil drainage;
● reduction in machines' and tanks' cleaning and maintenance;
● reduction in occupied places in factory-layout, with eventual centralisation of the system.
● reduction in occupied places in factory-layout, with eventual centralisation of the system.

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filtro con coadiuvante

filtro a candela CANDLE FILTER

The technology of candle filtration (without filter aid) is applied to applications where it is necessary to get back or recycle the sludge after the machining to better manage the environment.


● filter aid is not requested;
● a good impact on the environment;
● sludge without polluted particles (except from the oil);
● possible reuse of the sludge;
● lower energy consumption;
● lower heating of the oil;
● ON-OFF function;
● retention skill;
● automatic process.

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filtro a candela

filtro a cartuccia CARTRIDGE FILTER

The cartridge filters are particularly applied in machining where the requested oil flow rate is low and the removed material too, as for instance, in tool sharpening and diamond machining.


● low initial cost;
● small surface occupied;
● low energy consumption;
● low oil heating;
● possible ON-OFF running;
● no filter aid requested.

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filtro a cartuccia
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